The Strategic Interchange of Ideas

The Strategic Interchange of ideas encompasses smart design, communications, and adaptive planning and research, to help your organization achieve its goals. Specializing in public transit, municipal government, and non-profit organizations, Strategic Interchange provides a no-nonsense approach with professional results that are both time sensitive and cost effective.

Our consulting services include:
Graphic design and publishing, including layout, printing, public displays, photography, websites and branding
Transit and transportation planning, marketing and research
Adaptive Planning for environmental and demographic change
Economic Development and research 
Software and web application development and technical services

Here is one of our special economic development projects

Hamilton: Brutal Beauty | Hidden Heritage is was published in 2013. This book is the result of a major research project in Local Economic Development at the University of Waterloo. It is a unique guide to Hamilton; encouraging residents and visitors alike to explore and learn about how its location, history and environment are influencing its path to revitalization as a post-industrial city. (108 full colour pages, packed with photos and maps)

More Information and page previews are available on the book's website