The Strategic Interchange of Ideas

Communications & Public Relations

Our public relations experience through serving on local committees and other community initiatives can also serve you well. Effective communications is essential to get your word across and focus on the positive outcomes. Often, the people directly involved in planning a project are too close to the issues to be able to communicate them effectively to an audience that is not as familiar with the process, such as the general public, senior bureaucrats, politicians or even other departments within your organization.

We have coordinated inter-departmental and inter-agency projects, liaised with the general public, chaired meetings and appeared before councils and committees. Excellent facilitation, presentation and negotiation skills come with empathy for seeing different points of view and working to address the issues, needs and concerns raised by all of the parties involved. Long lasting, positive relationships with customers, stakeholders and the public can be built through an effective communication strategy. 

Our PR and communications goes hand-in-hand with our Design services, to ensure a consistent image, messaging and branding for your project.


Yes, we offer webpage design and project management for complete website development including selection of server technologies and infrastructure.

But an online presence involves more than a basic website these days. Your online image isn't complete without considering the benefits of being on social networks, news feeds, blogs and mobile devices. Let us help you sift through the maze of options and develop a consistent, accessible online presence that connects your customers to you without consuming your valuable time in the process.

Software Development & Server Solutions

Our experience includes authoring retail software products, such as MapArt’s Toronto & Area CD Atlas, Ontario Streets and Canada Street Locator product lines, development of Google Transit feeds, and an online mapping system for the Toronto Real Estate Board’s (TREB’s) member MLS system. We can see the entire production process through to completion, from conceptualization through to application development with Microsoft Visual Basic, user interface design, packaging, documentation, manufacturing and technical support.