The Strategic Interchange of Ideas

Economic Development and Research

Effective economic development, whether it is on a local, regional or business scale, requires a sound understanding of the specific situation and context you are starting from. The drive to increase economic development must not come at the expense of long-range planning and strategies! The goal, or goals of economic development must therefore be flexible, and able to change with the changing times and circumstances we find ourselves in.

Demographic research and modelling establishes a sound understanding needed to move forward. A fine example of this expertise is the recently completed urban green tourism project for Hamilton, Ontario. A gap in current tourism marketing and community development efforts was identified, related to Hamilton's emergence over the past 20 years as a post-industrial city lacking a cohesive identity. Through a comprehensive research approach at the University of Waterloo, a new publication emerged - Hamilton: Brutal Beauty | Hidden Heritage. A new approach to place making!

Check out the Hamilton Community Profile, which is part of this project.