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Background & Experience

Strategic Interchange evolved from Dun-Map Inc, a company focused on mobility and transportation information systems, founded by Ian Dunlop.

Ian has 20 years innovative management, strategic planning, design, marketing, communications and publishing expertise. Ian founded his company, Dun-Map, while still in university working on an undergraduate degree in Urban Planning. Since then, he has accumulated an extensive knowledge mapping, transportation & design technologies, particularly in the public transit, government and real estate development sectors. He is adept in the use of software, tools and techniques used in graphic design, GIS, transportation modelling, online communication, software development, and programming. Ian effectively manages staff, project teams, suppliers and external resources to fulfill service to clients and stakeholders. He also has years of experience working on municipal committees, and liaising with many different departments and agencies. Ian is a maverick, able to merge conflicting ideas to reach common goals, focus on what the customer needs and how these goals are effectively and efficiently attained with the limitations of available time, resources and budget.
Ian's academic credentials and training include: Urban & Regional Planning, Local Economic Development (Masters Degree), and he is currently working on completing a Civil Engineering Masters Degree at the University of Waterloo.

Ian Dunlop,

In 2010, the map publishing interests of Dun-Map Inc. were merged with another long-established mapping firm, Mapmobility Corp, of Toronto. The two companies had been working together for several years, and the merger provides many benefits to Dun-Map's clients through greater production capacity and efficiencies. Ian is no longer in the mapping business and has since moved to the Yukon.

Past Clients have included:
Real Estate Boards in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver, MapArt, GO Transit/Metrolinx, Ontario Ministry of Transportation, City of Brampton, City of Brantford, City of Burlington, City of Guelph, City of Mississauga, Town of Oakville, City of Greater Sudbury, Grand River Transit, Hamilton Street Railway, Niagara Falls Transit, St. Catharines Transit, TTC, York Region Transit (YRT), Public Works & Government Services Canada, Tele-Direct, Waterfront Regeneration Trust, and many others.

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