The Strategic Interchange of Ideas

Service Planning

We provide each of our clients with unique, innovative solutions suited to their needs. Transit and public transportation has always been a primary focus in our business development. Having worked with 18 different transit agencies, including GO/Metrolinx, YRT, HSR and many regional & local service agencies across Ontario, in addition to other government departments and organizations at all levels, we bring a broad base of knowledge and experience to any new project.

Check out our latest reports on Hamilton Rapid Transit: Cost Benefit Analysis and Development Uplift Study.

Technically, we offer proficiency in the latest technologies to analyze trends, map, plan, and enact solutions that are consistent with evolving policies, corporate strategic plans, and legislation in a constantly changing environment. In addition, our formal training includes Urban & Regional Planning from the University of Waterloo, and CUTA's Transit Planning and Transit Facility & Fleet Management, giving us considerable insight into internal transit operations, to compliment our overall transit and planning experience.

Combining Planning with our Design and Publishing provides a complete end-to-end consulting service that ensures your efforts are presented to your audience, be they senior staff, politicians or the general public, professionally and effectively. Communicate through a variety of media: print materials, e-mail, social networks, websites, presentations, workshops, displays, and video, with a consistent style and messaging.

Adaptive Planning

Environmental concerns such as Climate Change and Peak Oil could have profound effects on your operations. Have you considered the ramifications of these issues, or how a changing social demographics and government regulations will put new demands on your services? Nobody can claim to have all of the answers, but we can help you prepare by identifying how these problems can affect your organization and enable it become more flexible in the face of these changes.

Let Strategic Interchange help you with:
•Compliance with Accessibility for the Disabled legislation in your marketing and communications,
•Promote your environmental initiatives,
•Establish the role of your organization as a key element of transportation demand management and environmental responsibility within your community,
•Identify areas that need improvement, where you could be doing more or could soon be required to do more to meet regulatory requirements,
•Improve customer loyalty by making them feel good about using your services.

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