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A recent project was developing the design and technical specifications for the Greenbelt Route signage. The Greenbelt Route is a new "signature provincial cycling route" connecting Northumberland to Niagara, through the protected countryside around Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe in southern Ontario. Strategic Interchange designed variations of the signs to suit different contexts and situations along the trail route, such as turns, directional information and trail head markers. Over 900 signs are being installed along the route!

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Hamilton: Brutal Beauty | Hidden Heritage

This book is the result of a major research project in Local Economic Development at the University of Waterloo. It is a unique guide to Hamilton; encouraging residents and visitors alike to explore and learn about how its location, history and environment are influencing its path to revitalization as a post-industrial city. (108 full colour pages, packed with photos and maps)

More Information and page previews are available on the book's website

December 2011

Strategic Interchange releases two new reports on the Hamilton Rapid Transit project: A cost-benefit analysis and development uplift study. The cost-benefit analysis reveals that with full-funding from Metrolinx, light rail (LRT) is the best choice for the A-Line and B-Line rapid transit routes. The cost of not doing LRT to the City of Hamilton is over half a billion dollars over 25-years. The second report, studying development uplift potential along the B-Line, reveals nearly $1 billion in new development, $20 million in additional property tax annually and $52 million in development charges, based on design concepts for 6 rapid transit station sites. These reports are based on Ian Dunlop's masters-level academic work at the University of Waterloo in economic analysis and land development planning.

September 2011

Ian Dunlop, is enrolled at the University of Waterloo, Faculty of Environment to complete a Masters of Applied Environmental Studies in Local Economic Development.

August, 2011

Strategic Interchange became a member of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce.

May 2011

"Welcome Cyclists" signs, designed by Strategic Interchange for Transportation Options and Northumberland Tourism, have been installed at 9 locations along the Waterfront Trail in Northumberland County, about 1 hour east of Toronto. The signs are gateway markers, located at Cobourg, Port Hope, Brighton and Colborne, welcoming trail users to these cyclist-friendly communities. A sign is also located at the Coboury VIA train station, as promoting of the Bike-Train initiative. Follow the link to the official press release on the Northumberland website.

November, 2010

Strategic Interchange was born to provide a new and broader range of consulting services beyond what its parent company, Dun-Map, has previously offered. Capitalizing on over 20 years of knowledge, expertise, and an interconnected network of resources, we are ready to address your needs!

This new venture is a result of the recent merger of Dun-Map's map publishing services with Mapmobility, and the launch of Strategic Interchange by Dun-Map's founder, Ian Dunlop.

Dun-Map has been in business for over 20 years, specializing in transit publications and custom mapping. Mapmobility was founded in 1978, and is the creative soul behind MapArt, Canada’s most popular brand of retail maps. Visit Mapmobility's website for further information on the merger, and the mapping products and services now being offered. You can still contact Ian Dunlop to help you with your mapping needs through Mapmobility, whether you are a current or prospective client.

Strategic Interchange provides consulting services to public transit, municipal government, non-profit organizations, and private enterprise in smart design, marketing, accessible mobility, and adaptive planning to help you and your organization identify and communicate its goals. We are also happy to offer you advice on current or upcoming projects, or even provide a second opinion on whatever you are currently working on.