The Strategic Interchange of Ideas

Creative Design

We have designed and produced numerous projects for municipalities, with various internal and community-wide applications such as transit map & schedules, planning, training, marketing, branding and public information for both print and web. Our early transit publications won national and international awards in the areas of public transportation and graphic design for their innovation in the field. 

We use graphic design software, including Adobe Creative Suite, on a daily basis. We develop commercial software and websites. We are also knowledgeable in the requirements of Accessibility legislation (ADA/AODA), and its impact on publishing and communications.

Equipment & Services include:

•Creative design and layout with Adobe Creative Suite software
•Photo editing, scanning, image enhancement, and enlargement
•Large format colour printing of posters, displays and signage (indoor/outdoor)
•Offset printing, binding and distribution
•Lamination and mounting for display boards and presentation materials
•Photography and video compilation

Multimedia Publishing

Publishing is a logical extension to our Communication and Public Relations services, and an integral part of our complete production process. People still appreciate holding something in their hand and being able to focus on the information it contains. We publish and print newsletters, brochures, books, reports, posters, signage, and postcards, all professionally designed to suit your needs, convey information clearly, with consistent design, brand and messaging,

Online, there is information overload and a multitude of distractions, so maintaining clear, concise, accessible online information is also vitally important. The same publications we produce in hardcopy can be transposed to the web, with the added power of being searchable and scalable. We also produce multimedia software, CDs and downloadable applications.

Examples of our publications include:
•Event Programs
•System Maps
•Marketing materials
•Presentation displays

Past Book Titles by Ian Dunlop/Dun-Map:
Ontario Bicycle Touring Atlas
Waterfront Trail & Greenway Mapbook
•Hamilton Hornets 2007 Wales Tour Book

Past Software publications by Dun-Map:
•Canadian Encyclopedia CD (contributor)
•MapArt Canada Streets Locator, Ontario Streets, and Toronto & Area CD (author/developer)
•Tele-Direct Yellow Pages CD (contributor)